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Dear Friends

You can become “The worlds local doctor”

if you are listed on the www.iimed.info which had in its first year of existence over 100 000 visitors - exponentially increasing.

Google now considers it as the reference in any search for a practitioner of energetic and informational medicine


Spend one hour to make your own expert page - with some pictures and text – to take advantage of this. Here is a demo that shows how easy it is


More than setting the ground to make many otherwise impossible connections - beyond the usual physical distance barrier - this effort will help to define your work and connect you to the informational matrix - which in turn will make your work more successful.

The future belongs to the therapists that can see that we will not only do shopping for products over the internet but also find the therapist  that best suits our needs over the internet - rather then be stuck to doctor just because he lives next door.

If you want to become a true Quantum-Doctor you transcend the limitations of space and become Entangled with clients all over the globe - what more rewarding and exciting time could you imagine - make use of it.

The CoRe system was already giving you the possibility to treat patients via communication without physical contact . With the Health Integrator that you can rent out to patients anywhere and the new CoRe 6 software, that allows to upload client specifically generated frequency recordings to the virtual doctor site http://www.holistichealth-quantumdoctor.com you can take this one step further and also treat energetically “from a distance”.

“Now is the time – every beginning has magic in it – do it now”

On our site we will expand the possibilities – first we will create a portal for patients in the world to find the therapist that best fits his needs and to facilitate that, if you are interested, we will soon send you a detailed questionnaire to know which inquiries to forward to you – a patient doctor match making service (this will not be limited to CoRe practitioners)

As a first step in this direction we would like to show-case you and your work if you can make a page with some pictures, text or testimonials that describe how you use the CoRe system to help any of the modalities that you have selected as your expertise – Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, TCM, Herbal therapy and so on. Please let Kiran@HealthNavigator.Net know if you would like to do that – this page can then also be used as your Expert page on iimed.info

Thank you for your contribution


Existing clients, to see you private report please login using user name and password provided by your practitioner.

Google now considers it as the reference in any search for a practitioner of energetic and informational medicine

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